Gathering Lab

Creating more meaning, connection
and belonging—together.

What is Gathering Lab?

Gathering Lab is an organization that aims to change the world through community.

Primarily we function as a think tank, carrying out independent research and publishing resources to help community-builders deepen their ability to gather people in a meaningful way.

We also internally incubate community-related projects and then spin them out as independent entities. Our work has been featured in places like The Guardian, TechCrunch, CNN, The Washington Post, and more.

We hope you'll join us to create a world of more connection, meaning, and belonging -- together!

Join the Gathering Summit!

In April 2019, we'll bring together the world's top community builders and gatherers for a global, virtual meeting of the minds.
Come join the conversation.

Some of Our Projects

Gathering Summit

A four-day, online conference featuring top community-builders and gatherers from around the world.

Project Mischief

Helping adults recapture the joys of play and real human connection in an increasingly isolated world.

Recess Labs

A curated community of high-potential people in tech exploring early-stage ideas and career transitions.

New Work Cities

Helping people build thriving coworking spaces all over the globe.

Hacker Paradise

Remote work expeditions for professionals who want to live, work and travel in community.